Divorce Solicitors

Our depth of knowledge and expertise in family law has enabled us to assist hundreds of couples during what is often a challenging and emotionally charged time. With many years’ experience in the field, our specialist solicitors can work on your behalf to achieve the best outcome, while providing the very best advice, support and guidance throughout the process.

Divorce is the official name given to the legal process involved in ending a marriage and a couple must be married for at least a year before they are eligible to apply for a divorce.

We know from experience that a divorce can cause a lot of disruption to family life, which is why we advise making contact with a family law specialist for professional legal advice early on.

One of the following five facts must be established in order to meet grounds for divorce:

• Unreasonable behaviour
• Adultery
• Desertion
• Two years’ separation by consent
• Five years’ separation

Should you wish to begin divorce proceedings, we recommend discussing the above facts with our team so that you are fully informed and aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

While you will be required to apply to the courts to have your divorce granted, you will only be required to attend proceedings if your case is complicated.

Paperwork relating to your case will be prepared before being filed with the court and sent to your spouse. One the judge is satisfied with the application they will issue a provisional decree of divorce, known as a Decree Nisi, and the Decree Absolute, which officially dissolves the marriage, will then be granted six weeks and a day later. The whole process usually takes around six months to complete, but may take longer if disputes arise relating to financial matters or disputes over child care.

Our team is specially trained to help you achieve your desired outcome in the smoothest way possible, while being sympathetic and understanding of your individual circumstances. Please contact us on 0800 988 0777for more information.