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Who we are

At Pattinson Brewer, we have been fighting for employees and trade unions since 1890, remaining true to our proud heritage. But we also move with the times, and with new updates, come new cases. So, our employment lawyers are always one step ahead of the game when it comes to navigating this industry

What we do

The modern workforce has seen the growth of insecure contracts and bogus self-employment, a growing hire-and-fire culture, regressive anti-union laws, and increasing barriers to justice for working people.

Headed by the highly regarded specialist employment and discrimination barrister, Elizabeth George, our experienced employment team is at the forefront of understanding and tackling these challenges. Determined, creative, and results driven, our employment solicitors work with, and for, individuals, groups and trade unions to achieve great results.

Our clients

Our clients come from all sectors, they come as individuals and as groups, from very senior to the less so. We pride ourselves on offering high quality legal services to all of them.

Employment law cases are many and varied. Our employment solicitors work for our clients across the whole range of employment law claims in both the Employment and Employment Appeal Tribunals and in the civil courts.

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If you have an employment law problem and want advice from experienced employment lawyers, you can telephone our employment team direct on 020 7653 3222 or email us