Pattinson & Brewer launch equal pay claim against multinational retailer, Next.

Law firm Pattinson & Brewer has started legal proceedings against Next on behalf of female store workers receiving less pay than men doing comparable jobs.

Hundreds of employees and ex-employees of the store have registered to join the action and claims are currently being submitted to ACAS. The group equal pay action will argue that thousands of Next store staff are owed compensation because of unequal pay going back several years.

Lawyers working on the claim believe that the predominantly female store staff receive on average 24% less than those working in the male dominated warehouses.

Elizabeth George, Head of the Employment Team at Pattinson & Brewer, who is representing the Next women said:

“there really aren’t many simpler legal concepts to grasp than this one – staff doing comparable jobs should be paid the same amount. But when you look across every work sector, you will see work, that is traditionally viewed as women’s work, being undervalued.  The physical and mental demands on the shop floor are no less than those in the warehouses. The only thing of less substance is the minimum wage being given to our clients.”

All current store staff and those who have left within the last 6 years may be eligible to make a claim. If the claim is successful, the workers bringing the action could be entitled to up to 6 years’ worth of backpay.

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