Serious or catastrophic Injury claims

Life changing injuries need specialist help. Our Serious injury team provides that.

Why have a different approach for these cases?

Clients with life changing injuries have no choice but to make a claim for compensation. Often they cannot work and will never be able to work again. Their status as the bread winner for the family has gone. They have to be able to provide for the future of themselves and their families and to somehow replace an income and standard of living that what has happened to them has been taken away.

They need to be looked after both physically and mentally. Often this can take the shape of medical care which can be provided by doctors and nurses in private or NHS hospitals. That can bring with it the need sometimes to wait for operative treatment or care that is imperative to a recovery.

Friends and relatives do what they can to help but they need to be looked after as well. Burnout can occur when caregivers don’t get the help they need, or if they try to do more than they are able — either physically or financially.

In these cases a holistic approach is needed and one that puts the injured person at the centre of things. It is important that the claim is used to meet your needs.

Small details can make the difference when we calculate the amount that you can claim. Knowledge of multipliers, life expectancy as well as how monies should be paid and held are all things where our expertise helps to maximise the compensation to be paid.

What help is needed?

There will usually be an investigation into the circumstances of the accident immediately after the accident, at a time when ironically the person is least able to represent themselves and their point of view.

Important evidence can be lost if someone is not there to keep records of evidence and to put their point of view.

Looking after the person in these circumstances is where we come in.

How are we different?

Well – Unlike many firms who undertake this type of work we only act for Claimants.

We have a huge commitment to the Trades Union movement. Because of that, when we recover damages for union members they always recover their damages in full.

There are no deductions to be made and no hidden success fees to pay.

We have always acted for seriously injured clients and have a proven track record of acting for Claimants in these circumstances over many years.

When advances in this area of the law came we have always been at the vanguard.

When we succeed in claims we try to be innovative in making sure that the money goes a long way. That’s why we were one of the first firms to enter into Structured settlements and periodical payment orders. That’s why we consider setting up Trust funds to make sure that entitlement to future benefits is not dislodged by damages.

That’s why were involved in the new ventures and initiative to improve welfare of our clients such as the Rehabilitation Code, the Multi track Guide , and the Serious injury Guide .

That’s why we support charities and organisations that offer help to seriously injured clients .


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How do we do it?

We speak in plain English not legalese.

We give our clients practical choices.

We put them in the driving seat – Both in the way we run their case and in the way they want to run their lives.

That can mean giving choices about the case manager  to run  care or the appropriate person , venue and treatment options available  for medical treatment.

It can mean making sure that they have the help they need to continue to do the hobbies and sports they did before the accident or putting in a scheme of respite care to give a family member or regular carer a break.

It can mean them getting early interim payments in cases or deciding to make an early offer or getting a letter of apology and reassurance that the Defendants has learnt lessons from what happened .

Most of all it means that there is the comfort of an agreed plan in place to support seriously injured clients – a plan for the present and a plan for the future.

We worry about the law for our clients so that they can get on with their lives.

However, dont just take my word for this – You’d expect we to say that we’re good ! Here are the comments of just some of our clients who have had severe injury claims from the last 6 months alone :